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It's been life changing!

It's been life changing!

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"It’s been life-changing. ​The course nurtured me, I am so grateful for what you put together Heather. The reflections have been spot on, and I have received many unexpected gifts. It's been amazing. Thank you. I am thrilled with what you have taught me because I never thought this would be in my world. You have allowed us all permission to explore things to do things that now are bubbling up in our creativity that we didn’t even know was there before. So that’s why I am excited about the possibilities beyond this course! I really want to keep this journey, I want to stay on this journey. I am so grateful for you I just can’t express it enough.   Going forward I feel that I am having much deep sense of who I am as a woman and a person and how important for us as women to nurture ourselves, and this course through the differentiations components has allowed me to feed my soul every week, -my happy juice, it has been so lovely. For those that think that they can’t, I encourage you to take a risk, because you will be surprised what you can do or what you will be able to do, even if painting isn’t where you want to do for your whole life -  the other nuggets you can get from this course if nothing else is the growth and the development of your own self worth and identify - its huge. This course has been life-changing for me on so many levels, on levels that I never even expected. I don’t think anyone will be disappointed to join this program!"

Restore Your Creative Soul Student

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Painting Classes with Heather
They have found joy through painting can you!

Here are some lovely stories of students

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