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Oil painting

made easy... 

Transform your art
and amaze yourself
with the results!

A 12-week highly interactive online course that helps you feel more confident about your art while enjoying the calming way painting photo-realistically with oils can Restore Your Creative Soul.

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Oil Painting Made Easy is a 12-week online interactive painting course that helps you enjoy the calming way painting can transform your everyday life - through the power of photo-realistic painting with oils. 

This program is for artists of all levels whether you are an absolute beginner, have an established career, or are returning to your craft.

What is the Oil Painting Made Easy course about ?

What Students Say

"Painting with Heather helped me in a time of grief.

My connection with Heather's classes was profound at a time

when grief at the loss of my daughter was consuming me.

It brought me some joy through being creative and I was able to immerse myself in something to quiet my mind."

- Neva

How does the Oil Painting Made Easy Program work?

The moment you sign up you will get access to all the courses. You have access to weekly 1-hour ZOOM sessions (12 all up) with Heather, that accompany downloadable online resources, including easy-to-follow, real-time video tutorials with eBooks and lists of paints, brushes, and more! All Zoom sessions are recorded live and a link is sent via email to replay for students each week.


Heather will step you through many painting techniques and tips each week, and is readily available for feedback through email. Join the Facebook community group where you can also ask questions, share your work, and meet others too!