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Flying - How to paint a Rainbow Lorikeet with oils


I can imagine being a new bird and learning to fly must be a difficult thing to do! To trust your wings, and your mothers voice to know that it will be ok!


For me the Creators voice, like a mother was calling me to spread my wings and fly. Flying is what I was destined for. It is what we are all destined for! We need to feel free and alive and able to move where we are alive and refreshed. 


I hope as you paint this image you can write a bit about your dreams, in what areas of your life you want to fly, in what areas of your life that you feel stuck. What is stopping you from spreading your wings?


You were born to fly! So give it a go! 

PS: Thank you to @JohnWeeks for the use of this photo!

TIMELAPSE VIDEO BELOW: Play first to get an overview of the course.


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Full Tutorial below (2 parts)
Tutorial Part 1: Stop & Start video and follow along step by step
Tutorial Part 2: Stop & Start video and follow along step by step
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