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with Heather Bradbury (replays available here)


Below are the links for the 3 LIVE workshops coming soon.

Day 1 - August 11th 8:30am AEST

Day 2 - August 12th 8:30am AEST

Day 3 - August 13th 8:30am AEST

Thanks for joining me!

I hope you enjoy watching these tutorials as much as I enjoyed making them. 

This page will eventually host the 3 live recordings

from the 11th -13th of August 2023.

I would LOVE you to leave any comments or questions below, 

eg. what you are looking forward to!


I would also LOVE to hear how you found the workshops.

And please take some photos of your process and email me your outcomes!

What you need to know:

  • This is for artists of ANY level of experience. You do not even need to have painted before!

  • If you want to collect the resources you need for this workshop click on the buttons above

  • You can come to the live webinar and just watch if you like, and watch the replay later. The replay will be available till the end of February.

  • Or you can paint along, up to you!

  • You can totally use acrylic or watercolour (but I'd love you to try oils!

  • See you soon!


Do I have to use oils?

No, you can use acrylic, but I would love you to have a go with oils, as they are delightful to work with.

How will I see the workshop?
The workshops are all live at 8:30am AEST on Youtube, you will have access to the videos for 14 days after the event. I will send you a link in an email to the workshop each day an hour before it starts (and sometimes the day before) All the links are on this page also.

Do I have to paint along?
I would LOVE you to get your paints ready and paint along, (but you can totally just watch the live and use the replay later on) Doing it live however is a brilliant way to learn, most people who did my workshops online during lockdown said it was what helped them get over perfectionism and really learn to have a go!

Are there replays of the workshop?
Yes, there is, and you can stop and start the video to paint along at a later date you have access to the video for 14 days after the workshop.

What do I need to get ready for the workshop?
There are some downloadable PDF's of the resources you will need (click the button below) but don't be put off by using oils, you can even use pencils if you really like, the most important thing is you just have a go and have some fun!

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