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The Paint & Create Community

with  Heather Bradbury

Learn how to paint a water-drop on a leaf 


I am super excited that you are here! Its time to get out your paints and let your body soul and mind enjoy the beauty of painting with oils!

Check out the video here for a 20 minute tutorial step by step how to paint a water drop on a leaf! 

Leave a comment below and let me know how you go! I would love to see your end result! Hashtag me so I can see your out come.

Some simple tips:

1. Don't worry about getting the colour exactly right, its the contrasts and tones that make a painting look photo realistic!

2. Oils are the best for blending, you can do it with acrylics but don't expect to be able to blend and nicely as the oils can.

3. If you have hands, eyes and a brain, you will totally WIN AT THIS! 

Have fun!!!

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