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Now I am able to do my own paintings with confidence.

Now I am able to do my own paintings with confidence.

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I absolutely love the way Heather teachers. It’s a fantastic course! It is so worth it! My heart ached to be able to paint like this.. and I did! You will learn about building your confidence, about why you paint, techniques! You learn so much! If you want to be part of a group where everyone is supporting each other from all over the world, this is it, go for it! Enjoy it! What I found amazing was doing the small pictures made it doable. Because they are small, and you finish them, you go through feeling like its not working, but we kept going and suddenly it appears, and you end up with a picture you are happy with! Its quite amazing to see what you have achieved. Now I am able to do my own paintings with confidence. If you join, Ill see you in the group on Facebook!

Sharnee London UK Online Student

Oil Painting

made easy

With photo-realistic artist Heather Bradbury

Transform your art and restore your creative soul

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Learn how easy and restorative oil painting can be in this interactive 12-week online painting course



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What is Oil Painting Made Easy?

Oil Painting Made Easy is a 12-week online painting course that harnesses the power of photo-realistic oil painting to transform your art and your everyday life.


Receive professional artistic guidance and support as you grow, learn and experiment in a safe, creative community.

This online painting course is for you – whether you’re an absolute beginner, have an established career, or are returning to your craft.