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FINDING WATER - A sequel to 'The Artist's Way Course' with Heather Bradbury

July 2023

Early Bird $50 discount - Before June 1st 2023

This weekend may increase to a three days, please contact Heather before booking to be sure.



Especially designed for those who have done the Artist's Way or know the concept. (If we need to we are able to pivot totally online)


Can be paid in two instalments if needed. All Meals (including breakfast) & Materials are supplied.


A beautiful creative retreat run over one weekend in the beautiful rainforest of the Yarra Ranges Mountains in Warburton. Beginning Friday - 3:00pm through till Sunday, 4pm. 


This retreat is run by Heather Bradbury, a photo realistic artist and mentor who owns the Kapi Art Space Gallery & Studio in Kalorama. Her passion is to create spaces to help people discover their creative dreams and give opportunites to everyone to find ways to find healing and wholeness through creativity. 


"Everyone is creative! I encourage you to take the plunge to find the space to stop and breathe and remind yourself how incredibly beneficial creativity is to your mental health - no matter what your age or experience!" Heather


The retreat is intended for anyone who is searching for more clarity in their creative journey, while having a few days to breathe, and allow yourselves to create in a really supportive environment.

You don't need to think you are creative to come, this is about finding that confident place within you to take next steps.


We will be doing a mixture of four things. 

1. Rest (plenty of moments to take a break and breathe). Wood fire relaxation and a beautiful deck looking out over the mountain ranges and garden.

2. Nuture (Good wholesome food, exersise & relaxation). Including fire side soup meals. Yum. A few walks and healthy home made food will fill your soul!

3. Listen & reflect - time to listen to stories and reflect on some of Julia Cameron's book FINDING WATER.

4. Create We will offer you a few different ways to create (totally optional) including: Print making, Oil Painting, Ceramics (clay sculpture) and Poetry.



This retreat will follow on with Julia Cameron's focus - which is about focusing on a God who is our creative guide. We will offer prayer times, journaling and times to be quiet to listen to the Creator's voice.


Julia Cameron's book FINDING WATER (which is used during the weekend) offers advice and wisdom about tackling the most challenging issues an artist faces, such as:

- making the decision to begin a new project;
- persevering when a new approach to your art does not bear immediate fruit;
- staying focused when other parts of your life threaten to distract you from your art; and
- spotting possibilities for artistic inspiration in the most unlikely places.


"This powerful installment in Julia Cameron's groundbreaking body of work on the creative process will guide those who engage to discover enduring inspiration - it will lead them to water."

Finding Water Introduction



3:00 pm - Arrive and get settled in

Friday afternoon: Welcome, Intro relax & enjoy!

Meal together

Evening: Session 1

Saturday: Morning walk to La La falls, Warburton

Session 2

Saturday Lunch

Session 3 - Free afternoon with creative options.Dinner & Creative evening

Sunday: Morning walk

Session 4 

Lunch, pack up and home


Session 1:

Uncovering a sense of optimism and a sense of balance.


Session 2: 

Uncovering a sense of resilience and a sense of truth.


Session 3:

Uncovering a sense of perspective and a sense of safety.


Session 4: 

Uncovering a sense of discipline and perseverance.


This course will fill up quickly. You will receive a full refund if we find we have booked to our limit.

The course can accomodate 11 people. 


What if I get sick, will I get a refund?

If unforseen circumstances mean you cannot attend, contact us as soon as you can, so we can organise a refund.


What is the walk to the falls like? Do I have to go and is it hard?

The walk is about 1.25hr walk there and back and is a very short drive from the accomodation.  It is uphill on the way there, so you do need some good walking shoes. It is relatively easy though.

You do not have to attend, but we will be using the experience for some of our creative inspiration for our weekend. If you cannot walk far,  you may wish to walk for a shorter distance. It will still be very beneficial!


What will I expect to go away with at the end of the weekend?

- You will have had some great exercise and also some rest in front of a fire!

- You will have a renewed confidence to try new things.

- You will have a clearer creative pathway to move towards after taking time to listen and hear the Creator's voice.

- You will have experienced new ways to find inspiration for your creative journey.

- You will come away full and satisfied from good food and company too.

- You will have spent time producing some soul fulfilling creations that represent a positive goal and focus for the future.


What do I need to bring?

- Just your usual clothes and toiletries.

- Any creative things you want to share or work on.

- Any extra snacks that you will miss! (All Meals & snacks are provided)

- All art materials are provided.

- Rain jacket, a hat and good walking shoes (sneekers are fine)

- Camera if you like taking pics other than on your phone

- Journal, pen or pencil

- Drink bottle

- All bedding is supplied, but if you want your favorite pillow bring that along!


All accomodation, meals and materials are provided!

Finding Water - Creative WEEKEND RETREAT - Early Bird $800

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