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Welcome to our last term for 2023 classes in our Kalorama Studio! 

We are now have Friday mornings classes from 10:30 - 12:30 starting soon!

TERM 4 $42 a week (paid for a full term) 10 weeks.

TERM 4 Registrations now open

Term 4 dates:

MONDAY October 8th - December 11th 2023 (10 weeks)

FRIDAY October 6th - December 15th 2023 (10 weeks)


These classes book out early. So best to please email: to be sure you can secure a place. Thanks!


• Get a discount if you pay for the whole term

• Use the exercises to help develop a visual journal.

• Connection with others

• For ages 12 to 100!

• Find a place of calm and peace as you share your creative works and what it means for you at this time.

• Painting tips and advice specifically for any art you are working on.

• Plenty of support & encouragement from Heather first hand

• A safe community who can cheer you on each week in your painting journey

• Share your work and get feedback

• Be reminded how incredibly helpful painting is for your mental health at this time!

• You also get options to chat over email and get some help inbetween classes!


NEW FRIDAY class 10:30am

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