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Paint & Create Painting Classes

Monday 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm AEST - Once a Month (2 hrs online)


Currently on special - PRICE GOING UP TO $39 a night soon.


Welcome to our online monthly painting classes  A place where you can build on your painting skills in a supportive community while adding some creativity and fun into your life!


Suitable for absolute beginners, painting enthusiasts and those looking to rekindle their love for oils, you’ll be guided by Heather Bradbury to complete one painting in a single ZOOM class. (Completed paintings are 8x10inch)


Heather makes it so easy that anyone can do it!

Whether you're 12 or 100, you’re welcome to join along!


Each class will feature a different reference photo! Animals, water, landscapes, micro nature – we’ll do it all (check out the images in photos on this page and the themes that we’ll complete each month).


When you sign up we’ll send you a gridded-up image a few days before class. That way you can easily rule up your canvas, which makes painting really simple and achievable!


What you’ll get out of our Paint & Create Online Classes:

  • Oil painting tips and techniques
  • Loads of laughter and fun
  • Connection with others from around the world
  • Cultivate a sense of calm and peace while you paint.
  • Encouragement and support as you progress through your painting.
  • Real-time feedback and answers to you questions
  • A completed painting!


Payment options:

1. Pay per session $19. (on special)

2. Purchase a 5-week bundle for $95 and get access to all the replays  

When you sign up to the 5 week option, you can choose any week to come along. We will keep track of your attendance. So 'yes' you can take one week, have a break for a few weeks and then do more. Just need to do your 5 sessions within a 6 months period.


Once you have ordered please then EMAIL US THE DATES YOU WANT TO BOOK IN to. If this is a gift for someone else, just get them to email us their dates when they can: 


Materials  (We sell painting packs that can be sent within Australia)


Oil Colour* (You can use any brand you like of course!) 

  • Payne’s Grey  
  • Titanium White  
  • Ultramarine Blue  
  • Phthalo Blue  
  • Turquoise  
  • Sapphire  
  • Sap Green  (this is a leaf green colour)  
  • Australian Green Gold
  • Cadmium Green  (any bright green will do!) 
  • Golden Yellow
  • Spectrum Yellow  
  • Spectrum Red  (any bright red) 
  • Burnt Umber  
  • Permanent Magenta  
  • Flinders Blue VIolet

*You can use acrylic if you prefer, but we’ll be demonstrating with oils! 



Langridge Low toxic, paint medium (odourless) (Australian brand)

This is a low toxicity and completely odourless alternative to traditional oil mediums where exposure to turpentine may be an issue.

Constituents: Stand Oil (40 Poise), Low Toxic Solvent, Alkali Refined Linseed Oil, Cobalt Drier. (If you can find a product that has similar ingredients, go for it!) 



We use watercolour brushes with short handles rather than oil painting brushes.


10 - Great for filling spaces and blending/smooth edges

7 - Great for filling spaces and blending/smooth edges

6 - Great for filling spaces and blending/smooth edges

4 - Perfect for small works that need smooth, clear edges 



6 - Used for blending colour in general small areas

1 - Used for small detailed works

000 - Perfect for those really tiny details! 



0 - Used for very small detailed works 



  • 8x10 inch canvas board or canvas pad
  • Masking tape
  • A ruler
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Pallette
  • Container for medium 
  • Paper towel or old rag


Online Painting Classes with Heather

$45.00 Regular Price
$19.00Sale Price
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