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Painting Parties with Heather 


Are you looking for a super fun, creative way to celebrate a special occasion?

We have a wonderful program ready for you. A two hour class that provides you with all the materials needed and some wine and nibbles too! $69 per person


Imagine bringing a group of 8-14 people to a beautiful gallery studio to spend an evening painting a meaningful painting that comes together to be a memorable moment for someone special. 


How does it work?

We get the organiser of the group to send us a photo that is significant for the person being celebrated. We then divide it by the number of participants, and at the end of the night when they are all painted, we put them all together to make up a full photo realistic image which the celebrated person gets to take home! 


If you are interested email Heather or phone on 0447358006 and chat about dates and times that might be suitable for your group to really enjoy an amazing creative time together. No experience is needed.


Past responses:


"It was an incredible night, I am still on a high, I can't believe we did all that in one night, it was so much fun and a beautiful way to celebrate our friend's birthday".


"I have never painted with oils before, it was so much fun - easier than I first thought!"


"What a wonderful way to bring the girls together and do something most of us had never done before! I’ll be suggesting this to my friends, it was so fun."

Painting Parties

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