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Do you want to find a creative outlet that will calm your soul, bring peace to your day and help your mind relax and find healing?

Do you want to feel more confident about painting with oils and discover the inside tricks to painting water and photo realistic images?


Imagine finding a creative outlet that becomes part of the healing process for your own personal journey! Imagine learning skills along the way that bring your confidence and joy, you cant wait to get up in the morning! 


This course offers you oer 50 hours of tutorial and support. Encouraging you to take your own personal journey of painting from the soul. The course covers:

- Journaling & Documenting your journey

- Brushes and how to use them/clean them

- Oil Paints, how to use them

- What is the difference between Oils 87 Acrylics

- What resources/materials you will need 

- Painting on a budget

- Palettes, canvases & surfaces to paint on

- Mixing colours

- How to put a grid on your photo


22 Painting courses that follow a beautiful painting journey. With access to 22 ebooks with stories and reflections. Gridded up photos to use straight away with a list of all the brushes and paints you will need for each course.



1. 8 hour Painting Rocks course that take you through step by step how to paint water covered rocks with oils.

2. A full colour book posted to your door of Heather's journey through her paintings

3. Access to a monthly ZOOM call for questions and check in on the current work your are doing or hope to do!





Pay in Full - Best Value

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