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Find our more about the full online painting program that Heather runs, and if you think its a good fit for you. Connect with Heather for a 45 minute consultation to chat about your art, your dreams and if there are programs she offers that might help you take next steps.


The 45 minute consult gives you time to share your creative dreams with Heather and find ways to take next steps, it maybe that there are programs that we offer that will suit, or you just need a couple of private coaching sessions. This session will help you work out the right next step forward. No pressure to commit, just time to chat and explore.


Heather offers an online 6 month program which will open up in August this year, you can go on the email list to find out more when it opens up. (Read more about it below)


Paint & Create to Calm Your Soul

Make this year the best creative year yet!

Learn how to create paintings

that will calm your soul



A course that offers a transformation

of healing through painting & help find some calm from Covid-19 fatigue!

This six-month online course will give you the essential skills to enjoy painting photo-realistically, while at the same time finding a calm relaxing outlet that will transform your everyday life.

This program is for artists of all levels whether you are an absolute beginner, have an established career, or are returning to your craft.

READ MORE HERE about this program 


Sign up for an initial chat with Heather for 45 minutes to see if you think this program is a good fit for you, or just connect to see how Heather can help you take next steps in your creative journey.


Some comments from those who have gone through the program before:

"I had never used oils before!


Just going through the emotional process of each piece has been really powerful for me and working through the books and answering the questions. I have just found all of that really, really moving. It's been a really peaceful process for me. I am much more relaxed as well as being addicted to how much I am loving painting - I just can’t get enough of it! I am loving it!"


Getting really deeply into it and exploring myself and my own emotions has been really good for me and my healing. My whole family has seen how it has brought out the joy in me. They are all enjoying the process."

- Vanessa


More about the program:

This program offers a clear pathway to confidently learning

how to paint photo-realistically with oils through self-paced video tutorials, downloadable resources, and support every step of the way.

You will learn how to:

+  Relax and establish a good creative rhythm

 that feels joyful and exciting. 

+  Use oil paints to produce beautiful

photo-realistic paintings

by learning how to mix colours, how to blend

& ultimately how to master the craft.

+  Become more confident about painting something realistic

by learning how to use grids to make sure your painting outcome

is in perspective & looks just like your original reference.

+  Trust that you can paint anything you want!

Build your confidence by painting through the 24 different courses

(or 8 in the shorter program) that will help you

learn how to paint a wider range of subjects,

including many forms of water and some animals too!

+  Learn to enjoy what you paint,

and not criticise yourself so much along the way.

It's the process more than the outcome that brings the healing!

+  Find a calm, relaxing and healing creative outlet 

that will make you excited to get up every day!

This is a unique program 

that brings transformation unlike many other

painting courses.


This course takes you deeper into 

helping you find healing through learning new skills.



ONLINE Consultation - Restore Your Creative Soul Online Program

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