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Team Building Painting Workshops with Photo Realistic Artist & Mentor Heather Bradbury


Do you have a team that needs a creative group activity that brings them together to build trust and awareness of each other? We have a fabulous program that engages everyone in painting with oils together.


Our program is for 2.5 hours and it can be run with a minimum of 8 people and a maximum of 60! (we are open to more if needed)


During the 2 hours particiapants learn how to paint a small painting with oils unaware that the final piece will make up a beautiful full picture at the end.


We run a short workshop at the end on the importance of teams working together and open the discussion to others about how it felt to achieve something for the first time and see how important their work was, no matter how completed or significant they felt it was.


The participants get to take their piece home, or if you prefer can hang them together at your work place or home! We also make a short video of the experience and send it to you to distribute to your team.


Give Heather a call on 0447358006 or email if you would like to chat more about what might be possible for your team.


$69 per person for the workshop. All materials are provided. 

Extra options include: Morning or afternoon tea. Workshop held in our studio or in your home or workplace. These will be added cost. Please contact Heather to talk more. 0447 358 006


If you book online here, we will contact you soon after to chat about the finer details. 


Online Option

There is also the possibility of doing this activity online for a team spread across a large area. We would as them to photograph their work at the end and we will then compile it into a finished larger work and send it back for you to enjoy.



Team Building Painting Workshops

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