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Are you interested in learning some specific skills around painting with oils?

We are now offering some 2 hour workshops around subjects that you will enjoy learning more about! 

These workshops are on various Tuesdays each month (not each week) 


The workshops are run by Heather Bradbury, and at times with guest artists too!


Check out the dates and options below.

The classes are open to anyone. If you are new to painting or now a seasoned painter, everyone will get some gems out of these time for sure!


What to bring:

Bring along any paints brushes medium etc. you have.

If you are new, we are happy to provide paints brushes etc. on the day.


What we provide:

We will provide a canvas for everyone attending.

And if you are new we will provide anything you need to do the workshop.


What you go away with:

- More knowledge on a specific subject

- A small painting exercise completed.



Term 2


Tuesday 25th June - Exploring brushes and different strokes, make a brush chart.

Tuesday 23rd July - Textures, how to create different effects with oils, try some crazy options like fabric, textured items, sand, wool and more!


Term 3

Tuesday  13th August - Colours, a deep dive into colour mixing - Learn how to make your own colour mixing chart.

Tuesday10th September - Impressionism - try some simple ways of applying paint to still get a realistic effect.


Term 4

Tuesday 8th October - How to paint a small painting every day! Tricks on how to paint quickly, simply but still get a realistic result!

Tuesday 29th October - Painting surfaces, trial some different surfaces to see what you like best! 

Tuesday 19th November - Choosing photos and editing them to get the best end result, also touch on how to put a grid on your own photo too.

Tuesday 10th December - Paint a gift for a friend for Christmas. Choose from birds, water, flowers and more!


*If you are part of a term class, you may choose to do these workshops as a make up if you have missed a class during the term.


Tuesday Workshops - Refine your skills!

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