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Heather Bradbury - Masterclass FULL DAY WORKSHOP 

For those of you who have attended the workshop 1


This is a follow up workshop for those that have already started their journey in photo realistic painting. You may have already come to a Masterclass in the past or have been part of Heather's classes for a while. This workshop came as a result of the last Masterclass workshop community wanting to continue their journey together as a group! So here is your chance to commit to learning more and futhering your skills, knowledge and of course connection with other like minded creatives too!


Afternoon evening workshop:

1:00pm - 7pm Including a break for dinner at 5pm.


We are also keen for you to give us come feedback on what you would like to learn in this second session. Below is a starting place...


Come for the day and discover loads of tips on how to create stunning photo-realistic paintings!

Sunday 19th May 2024 at Kapi Art Space

1:00pm - 7pm

Normally $239 - Offering this on special for $195


All materials and snacks (afternoon tea and supper) are provided on the day. 


Included in the workshop are some surprises to take home including a painting you will finish by the end of the day!


We will cover the following throughout the day:

1. Explore different ways of making a painting look photo realistic!

Last workshop we looked at the fine details of photo realistic painting, this workshop we will explore some different techniquest too, including pallette knife, and simple strokes with big brushes. 


2. Colour theory. 

We will go next level in some colour theory, we will look closer at the paint pallett Heather uses, and how to mix tricky colours. Eg. Sky, skin and leaves can all come in differnt colours. Do some trial colour mixing and practise mixing any colour you want with some great tips! 


3. Editing Photos

This workshop we will look at how you can crop, edit and be super happy with your photo reference. There are some tricks in getting good contrast and more tips on how to make the grids work best for your specific painting. 


4. Applying paint with the right brushes

We will explore some different brushes in detail, including experimenting with a rigger brush to make very fine hair effects.


5. Blending & Contrasts

Enjoy the power of a large painting and large brush strokes we will be practising what it feels like to use big brushes and large painting space to create lovely blended backgrounds.


6. Painting Water

We will again be painting water, but this time we will explore a diffent style! Be surprised at how much you have learnt and what new things you will learn during this activity too! (Heather will be lead by what you want to do in this section, and can pivot to doing more photo realistic style if needed too!)




Next workshop we will look at all sorts of practical things like: varnishing, and hanging your own painting and more!


WORKSHOP 2 - Masterclass in Photo Realisic Painting 1pm- 7pm

$239.00 Regular Price
$195.00Sale Price
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