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Your Questions 

Registrations close 12 midnight Saturday 22nd October

  • What are the healing benefits of painting?
    Painting, drawing and other art forms make us feel soo good! Making art has a meditative effect on us, and helps us stay present. And just like exercise, the benefits of art making keep rolling even after we put our paint brushes down. Research has found that art has an incredible healing power, and can help relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. Painting also helps stimulate memories in people with dementia and other neurological diseases. Painting, drawing and other art forms can help increase the number of connections in the brain that impact memory, improve moods and expand a person’s vocabulary. Other health benefits of painting includes expanding your creative growth, enhancing problem-solving and motor skills, cultivating emotional growth and stimulating an optimistic attitude.
  • What if I fall behind? Is there a way to take the time I need at the pace I need?
    Our online oil painting course has been designed to let you go your own pace, which means you can never fall behind! Not only will you have lifetime access to all of our resources and ZOOM chats, but there'll never be any pressure to produce more than you can, or to spend more time than you can give. Each week, Heather will explore a new painting over ZOOM and run you through the techniques you need to get started yourself. Each painting will take around 2-3 hours to complete. You can either choose to paint one mini painting alongside Heather each week, or you can discover your own creative rhythm and paint each theme at your own pace. Past students found that following Heather each week gave them the momentum and accountability they needed to complete each painting, because they couldn't wait to start on next week's topic!
  • How much is the program, and is there other payment options?"
    The program cost is $607 AD, (aprox $460US) which gives you full access to all the content including weekly ZOOM calls with Heather and loads of online content you will have for a life time. You can also choose to pay in three installments of $245 Click the link below to divide your payment into 3 over 3 months, pay $245 each month for 3 months. You Pay $697 - Total value of the course is $2768 12 Module courses @ $97 each = $1164 6 Introductory modules on all things oils! $600 Weekly 1 hr online ZOOM classes @ $45 a week = $540 BONUS: How to Create Your Own Grids course = $67 BONUS: Extra course - paint a frog! $97 PLUS FOR A LIMITED TIME: BONUS LIVE WORKSHOP UNLOCK YOUR CREATIVE DREAMS $300
  • Do I need prior experience with painting before I begin this course?
    You don't need any prior experience to do this course. 95% of the students that come through my studio have never painted before and certainly never painted with oils. The course is designed to teach anyone, even if you have never drawn before! Many of my students learned to paint for the first time with me, even though they had not touched a brush before! Our online oil painting course is for beginners to advanced. There are step-by-step instructions for first-timers, and also plenty of tips for those who have been painting for some time.
  • Do I need to have used oil paints before?
    No, you don't need any experience with oil paints at all (or with painting either). Many of my students have not used oils before. Everyone has found it easy to work with oils and very happy to have learnt with the medium.
  • Could you swap out oils for acrylics and still get comparable benefits and results?
    You can use acrylics in place of the oils, but you will not be able to get some of the effects that oils naturally give. However, there are some additives that you can add to acrylics to make them dry slower. Some of my earlier paintings were in acrylics and most people can not tell the difference - but since working with oils I can not turn back, because they respond so beautifully to colour, fine work and especially blending!
  • What do I need to do to set up my home studio/creative corner?
    We cover all you need to know in the course! In one of the introductory modules, I take you through my own studio and all the things that I recommend to use. You'll also receive a downloadable PDF document that has everything you need to know, covering lighting, easels, tables, paints, brushes, pallets, canvases, rulers etc. I've had a number of students say how grateful they were for this resource because it allowed them to begin their painting journey with confidence, knowing they didn't miss anything!
  • How long does the OPME course go for?
    As soon as you purchase the course, you'll gain access to all of our online resources for a lifetime! Our course officially begins on Saturday 26th of August 2023 on ZOOM, but you can access the website with all the modules as soon as you sign up! Saturday 26th August 8:00am (AEDT - Melbourne, Australia) Friday 25th August 6:00pm (EDT - New York, US) The program will take around 3 months online But you can take as long as you like to move through the course, there isn't any pressure to finish everything in the 3 months. The ZOOM calls are there for encouragement and questions, everything else is self-paced. The ZOOM calls will be recorded and put in the private group, so if you miss one you can watch it later!
  • I don’t feel at all confident to even start! Will this help?
    YES! I have seen so many students that are amazed at the confidence they gain. My technique is such that I have designed it to be achievable. Oils are forgiving - you can rub them out and paint over them. The grid technique reduces the stress of painting over a large area because you just focus on one small area at a time. This helps you not become overwhelmed, which builds confidence and courage to paint whatever you want!
  • Will I learn about techniques and colour mixing too?
    Yes, the whole program is designed for you to be able to watch very carefully how I paint and why. Each course in the program has full length tutorials, where you can watch me talking about mixing colours, what brushes I am using and the techniques I use to get certain effects.
  • What day and time are the weekly ZOOM sessions, and can I watch a replay?"
    We will meet together for an hour on ZOOM on a SATURDAY mornings each week from 9:00am -10:00am AEDT (7:00pm - 8:00pm Friday EDT/EST) Our course officially begins on Saturday 26th of August 2023 on ZOOM, but you can access the website with all the modules as soon as you sign up! Saturday 26th August 8:00am (AEDT - Melbourne, Australia) Friday 25th August 6:00pm (EDT - New York, US) This time means that everyone has more of a chance to join us. PLEASE check your time zone for correct times for your area. We will record each session and it will be uploaded and available to view later the same week on our Facebook group page. I am open to having more than one ZOOM session if many can not make it on the day and time above.
  • Can I contact you (other than ZOOM) if I get stuck?
    Yes, you can email me any questions. At I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can! Super keen to find ways to help you whenever you need it!
  • Do you explain how to create a grid on our own photos and how to rule it up onto a canvas?
    Yes! There is a bonus course that covers all of this. I will also be going through this in some of the ZOOM sessions.
  • Are materials included, and if not can I order a pack with all paints and brushes that I will need for the course?  How much would this be?"
    Materials are not included in the price of the program. You may, however, order a BASIC or PREMIUM Painting Pack from us. This BASIC is $275.00 AUD (plus postage), which is a great starter kit that you can add to as you go. The PREMIUM Pack is is $440.00 AUD (plus postage) and includes all the high quality paints & brushes I use, throughout all the program which also has an A5 canvas pad, ruler, eraser, pencil, medium and masking tape. There are limited packs available - get in touch @ to enquire. As part of the downloadable resources you will receive a full list of materials needed for the program, so you can buy the materials needed at your local arts store.
  • Are oil paints hard to use, how are they different from acrylics?"
    Oils are actually easier than most people think! I was always scared to use oils, but when I tried using them properly, I realised that out of all the types of paints, oils are the easiest and the most wonderful to work with. They stay wet longer, they are easy to wipe off if you make a mistake and the blending is divine! Acrylics dry out quickly and are not as thick. Oils are smooth and delightful to work with! The only slight downside as opposed to water based paints is cleaning the brushes... but even that is easier than you may think. I just use soap and water for great results, and also soak them over night in a brilliant solution that makes them like new the next day.
  • How will this type of painting help calm my stress?
    Each lesson in the course comes with an ebook you can download that has reflections and exercises that help you slow down and relax. The many painting courses that you have access to have very simple step-by-step instructions. Even the hardest of paintings in the collection will help your mind keep focused and calm because you have to concentrate. There is something about the action of taking a brush to a canvas, especially when there is a lot of detail to consider, that helps slow your mind down and diminishes the current stresses you may be carrying. Your mind is relaxed, and nothing else around you seems to matter!
  • Do I have to follow all the courses in order or can I pick which ones I want to paint first?
    You can paint each course in any order you like! It does help the creative journey and learning skills to follow them in order, but there is nothing stopping you painting just the ones that appeal to you!
  • What if I get into the program and it just doesnt feel like its for me?
    All good, if you feel like the program is really not what you were expecting at all. You will get all of your money back if you request it within 14 days of signing up. No questions asked.

The full value of this course is: $4172


YES I would love to join this supportive creative community!

$997 approx $630 USD

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