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Restore your creative soul through painting  - with Heather Bradbury



Paint & Create to Calm Your Soul



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Learn how to create paintings

that will calm your soul

This course offers a transformation

of healing, .. find words here

This course offers you over 50 hours of tutorial and support

Encouraging you to take your own personal journey of painting from the soul,

with encouraging support along the way!

This is for artist of all levels weather you are an absolute beginner or retuning to your craft.

The course covers

- Journaling & Documenting your journey

- How painting can calm your soul

- Brushes and how to use them/clean them

- Oil Paints, how to use them

- What is the difference between Oils & Acrylics

- What resources/materials you will need 

- Painting on a budget

- Palettes, canvases & surfaces to paint on

-A look into Heather's studio and all the materials she uses

- Mixing colours

- How to put a grid on your photo

- Many key tips along the way on how to make

your paintings go from ok to amazing!

- Many real time tutorials that take you step by step

through everything you need to know to paint

with oils photo realistically.

- Many Downloadable PDF's including all the resources

you will need to set up your own studio.

- Access to a monthly ZOOM call

for questions and to check in, share your work and meet others doing the same!


24 Painting courses that follow a beautiful painting journey.

With access to 24 ebooks with stories and reflections that help you focus on a hopeful future.

There are loads and loads of gridded up photos to use straight away with a list of all the brushes and paints you will need for each course.

In this collection of courses

some of the things you will learn how to paint are:


Water-drops on grass & leaves

Splashing sea,

Sunset sea splash

Wild river water,

Water on rocks,

A lorikeet,

A koala,

A frog,

Calm sea water

Feet in water

Hand in water,

Autumn leaves,

Water covered cobwebs



1. An extra 8 hour Painting Rocks course

Take a step by step course in how to paint water covered rocks with oils. Everything you need to know to paint your own larger water covered rocks photo realistic painting. Watch step by step Heather showing you how you can win at your own larger painting!

2. A full colour book posted to your door of Heather's journey through her paintings. See her journey from no confidence to teaching others.

3.  A 20 minute one on one consult with me, to look over what you are doing, and also get help to get your started in the right direction.

What the

Restore your creative soul - through painting

course, can do for you...

Help you find a place of calmness, peace

& fullfillment


"This course helps you slow down & relax -  you can  find a beautiful peaceful rhythm"

"Absolutely amazed what I have achieved in the time,  great teacher."


I found it so calming,  I actually really surprised myself and thought I was not going to do so well, really surprised myself!"