Restore Your Creative Soul

through painting with Heather Bradbury

Paint & Create to Calm Your Soul

Make 2022 your best creative year yet!

Heather answers your questions in the video below

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24 week course  
$997 AUD
approx. $740 USD
6 months full support
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$497 AUD
approx. $368 USD
2 months full support
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Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if the program is not what you expected.

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Enrolment ends Wednesday 12th January 11:59pm

(AEDT Melbourne, Australia)

Tuesday 11th January 7:59am (EDT -New York, US )


Learn how to create paintings

that will calm your soul



A course that offers a transformation

of healing through painting & help find some calm from Covid-19 fatigue!

This six-month online course (or shorter 2 months version)

will give you the essential skills 
to enjoy painting photo-realistically, while at the same time finding a calm relaxing outlet that will transform your everyday life.

This program is for artists of all levels whether you are an absolute beginner, have an established career, or are returning to your craft.

Here's what the

Restore Your Creative Soul program

can do for you...

Margaret had never painted before - now it has brought healing...


At the beginning of Covid-19 Margaret found it difficult to find the motivation to keep painting, even though she loved it so much.


Margaret shares here how the Restore Your Creative Soul program helped her get back on track and start the healing journey of painting again.

The Restore Your Creative Soul program

 provides the teaching, support

and community you need to:

Find connections with others & have support along the way

We all need connection and especially during difficult times.  Having an online community can help us stay connected, no matter what is happening around us!

Join the growing community, find new friends and get the encouragement you need to keep going!

It's time to calm your soul,

bring peace to your day,

and find healing

What might your life look like if you found some calm in your day

through painting more confidently?


The Restore Your Creative Soul program gives you the resources

and support to gain courage as you explore your very own

fulfilling painting journey.

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Hi there, I'M
Heather Bradbury

Hi, my name is Heather Bradbury

I am a Photo-Realistic artist/teacher,

founder of the Paint & Create Community

and the Restore your Creative Soul program.

I have been passionate about creativity for as long as I can remember.


I trained as a Graphic Designer in a time of no computers,

where everything had to be produced by hand. 

This was when I began to develop a love for drawing things realistically.


My graphic work has been seen across major event promotions,

in magazines, advertising and films.


I have enjoyed working in remote communities both in Australia and internationally.

These experiences helped me develop a passion for connecting with communities and finding ways to communicate effectively through art and design that engages people in positive ways.

I fell in love with teaching more and more as I raised four beautiful sons. We lived in a remote community where we enjoyed exploring creativity as a family in as many ways as we could!


I did, however, push too hard and burnt out, and I needed to find more gentle ways to explore my creative side (instead of many hours on a computer).


As the boys grew up I had more opportunities to explore my own creative dreams.

I focused on painting more seriously, and saw my work accepted into some Major Prizes including

The Glover Prize (Tasmania) and the Fleurieu Art Prize (Adelaide), where I received a number of high art prize recognitions, and numerous reviews in notable publications including  

the UK Mirror & Art Edit.


I now own my own gallery and enjoy teaching hundreds of students.

I have found incredible joy in painting - it fills my soul to overflowing!



However, painting photo-realistically has not always come easy to me. 

Over the past 10 years I have learnt through many trials and errors!

When I began my painting journey I had no intention of showing anyone my work.

I soon discovered that it was just as much about the process as the end result. The process brought healing, which helped me through some really tough times of my life!

The practice of painting photo-realistically pulled me out

of a very dark time in my life and helped me find

something that was predictable, stable and

rewarding enough to help me find some hope again

During these hard times, I had to work through many challenges.


Can you relate to some of these?

Do you need a relaxing creative outlet?


Have you been putting off painting because you think you don't have what it takes?

Do you sometimes get frustrated because your painting doesn't look like what you wanted it to


Do you need to find a creative outlet that is not performance-driven?


Do you feel the desire to paint, but don't feel like you have enough skill?


Do you sometimes feel alone in your creative journey?

Do you want to just ENJOY painting, and not worry about what others will think?

Do you want to be proud of your work, and not hide it in a corner?

Do you worry that you won't start painting because you have no idea where to begin?

Do you wish you had a regular time in your week to create something that is just yours to enjoy?




Society does not encourage any of us

to place our creative dreams

to the front of our lives.

I was thankful I had the opportunity to put creativity first

and step away from the soul-destroying work I was doing.

However, I needed encouragement from others around me to remind me I could be an artist, and that I could find fulfillment

on a creative path.

Without that support I am sure I would not be here offering this course to you today!


I now want to offer you that same supportive, safe environment which

many students have already benefited from and have experienced

the power of healing that it can bring!

This is why I created

The Paint & Create to Restore Your Soul Program

This program offers a clear pathway to confidently learning

how to paint photo-realistically with oils through self-paced video tutorials, downloadable resources, and support every step of the way.

You will learn how to:

+  Relax and establish a good creative rhythm

 that feels joyful and exciting. 

+  Use oil paints to produce beautiful

photo-realistic paintings

by learning how to mix colours, how to blend

& ultimately how to master the craft.

+  Become more confident about painting something realistic

by learning how to use grids to make sure your painting outcome

is in perspective & looks just like your original reference.

+  Trust that you can paint anything you want!

Build your confidence by painting through the 24 different courses

(or 8 in the shorter program) that will help you

learn how to paint a wider range of subjects,

including many forms of water and some animals too!

+  Learn to enjoy what you paint,

and not criticise yourself so much along the way.

It's the process more than the outcome that brings the healing!

+  Find a calm, relaxing and healing creative outlet 

that will make you excited to get up every day!

This is a unique program 

that brings transformation unlike many other

painting courses.


This course takes you deeper into 

helping you find healing through learning new skills.

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Painting with Heather

helped me in a time of grief


"My connection with Heather's classes was profound at a time when grief at the loss of my daughter was consuming me. It gave me some joy being creative and I was able to immerse myself in something to quiet my mind."

- Neva


I had never used oils before!


"Just going through the emotional process of each piece has been really powerful for me and working through the books and answering the questions. I have just found all of that really, really moving. It's been a really peaceful process for me. I am much more relaxed as well as being addicted to how much I am loving painting - I just can’t get enough of it! I am loving it!"


"Getting really deeply into it and exploring myself and my own emotions has been really good for me and my healing. My whole family has seen how it has brought out the joy in me. They are all enjoying the process."

- Vanessa

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I dont have to get it perfect!

"I have always criticised myself and have thought I can do better than this, and I end up destroying my paintings because they are overcooked. Now I am not putting pressure on myself to get it perfect."

"I am growing more because it is not just about a painting journey for me, it's about communicating with others - it's a well-being journey, so I feel like I am growing in more ways than just my painting, I am growing more creatively as well."


"I am now purchasing a special bike, this is a massive thing for me, because people in wheelchairs don’t get out to go bike riding. All of this painting has helped me want to connect with nature more and my mind has relaxed more, it has been a huge step for me and opened a lot of doors."

- Kylie 

Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 10.24.35

There is space for me to be aspirational but not overachieving


"Last year I discovered Heather and her classes and she created space for me to be aspirational but not overachieving, observant and not judgmental, in a healthy way that soothed my perfectionism.


She understands my sensitivities in a way that I can't express, that my heart is on the canvas, and is gentle with my process and questions.


- Tracey

It's time to calm your soul,

bring peace to your day,

and find healing.

Imagine finding a creative outlet

that becomes part of the healing process

for your own personal journey!


Imagine learning skills along the way

that bring you confidence and joy so

much that you can't wait to get up in the morning! 




So what is  

the Restore Your Creative Soul Program?

This program encourages you to take your own personal journey

of painting from the soul,

with encouraging support along the way!

Features of the course include:

+ 24 (or +8 if you choose the shorter course) 

Painting courses that follow a beautiful painting journey.

You will have access to many Video Tutorials with accompanying

eBooks that include stories and reflections

that help you focus on a hopeful future.

+The Restore Your Creative Soul program is held over 6 months (or 2 months)

with over 20 hours of tutorial & support. 


+ You can produce one mini painting every week,

or go at your own pace - it's totally up to you.

 + It is taught entirely online. Each component has real-time painting

instructions which give you step-by-step instructions,

almost like having a tutor in the same room!

+ Access to weekly ZOOM calls for 24 weeks (or 8)

for questions and to check-in,

share your work, and meet others doing the same!

 + Loads and loads of additional bonus courses, taking you deeper

into the photo-realistic process.











The courses follow my painting journey chronologically. 

Number 1 'Blessings' is the first painting I painted when I began painting

seriously 10 years ago, through to Number 24 'Breathe'  

which I finished just a few months ago.

Most of these courses were developed in 2020.

They were produced to help people through the challenges that life throws at us!

+ Each course has downloadable gridded photos you can access straight away,

with a list of all the brushes and paints you will need for that course.

+ The reflections in the books focus on the meaning behind each painting.

+ You can print out the books which have space to write your own answers,

taking you on your own healing creative journey.

These are the courses below

The shorter 2-month course is made up of the first 8 of these courses

the 6 month full course has all 24)

Screen Shot 2021-06-05 at 3.30.25 pm.png

1. Blessings


Learn how to paint a waterdrop on a leaf 



What makes your heart sing?