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Reduce stress, build confidence & feel fulfilled
Learn to paint
with oils


New Tuesday


Are you interested in learning some specific skills around painting with oils?

We are now offering some 2-hour workshops around subjects that you will enjoy learning more about! 

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Reduce Stress & Learn a new skill!

Most people need a way to de-stress.

Heather offers gentle painting coaching that will help you relax 

and produce work you never thought was possible!

Reduce stress     Meet new people     Discover new skills     Find new motivation     Produce art you are proud of!

"I have just finished a term of Heather’s art classes,

as has my daughter.

Heather is an incredible teacher

who inspires her students immensely."

- Joanna 2023

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Meet Heather

"Hey there!

No matter what level of experience you have had, or how old you are,  
I will help you use painting to enjoy life more, find your creative voice, and paint a professional looking artwork that will blow you away!"

"With a lifetime of creating and 

many years teaching hundreds

of students both in class and online... 

I will help you find confidence, and direction and go away feeling proud

of all the work you produce! "

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What are students saying?


"Painting with Heather changed my life. She has given me permission to find a new part of myself."


"I love going to class where everyone is so positive and Heather’s encouragement has helped me produce work I never thought was possible."



"My connection with Heather's classes was profound at a time when I was consumed by grief
at the loss of my daughter.


It gave me some joy being creative and I was able to immerse myself in something
to quiet my mind. "


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"I love the time to relax and focus, which in turn helps me to release and let go of emotions and tension. I find painting extremely healing to my heart and soul.


Heather's expert advice and assistance has been invaluable and I can't thank her enough for her patience and gentle guidance."



"I truly believe that I learnt more from Heather in those few hours, than from any other art teacher I’ve had in the past. 

Heather has a clear and understandable teaching method that helps you deliver your own unique style."



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Find the painting class that's right for you...

Your online courses to enjoy in your own time...

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A creative community for you...

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